The Backstory

I've been running Patrick Kerby Design since 2003. My work and life have been married since I learned people would pay me to do what I love. I've always been excited to invest myself into a client's idea: to learn their business or goals and to care about them. My aim is not to churn out assembly-line projects, but to build relationships and help bring ideas to life. Sharing in the excitement and pride of a successful project with the client is incredibly satisfying and what I strive for every time.

What's Happening Now

I'm currently running my business from Edmonton Alberta, with my partner Bri Vos, and cat Henk. We take on a select few projects where we feel our experience and skills can really make a difference. This includes branding and design explorations, web development projects, and professional photography and illustration services.

Bri and I work side-by-side, whether that's in-office or dropping into remote northern communities on photo assignments. Although we run our businesses separately (, we compliment each other well. I team up as a photographer with Detour Photography, while Bri helps with planning and strategy for Patrick Kerby Design.

Where I fit

  • Are you a small business, a musician, a restaurant, or in the process of turning your hobby into a profitable business? Whether the answer is developing a brand and style that you can be proud of, or perhaps you need an easy way to sell your product with minimal overhead… Let's talk

  • Do you manage a team or provide web development services, but you need an additional interface designer to fill out your team roster for your next project? I come from a solid front-end development background and take pride in handing off assets that the next person will actually enjoy making use of.

  • Maybe you're gaining traction with your blog or e-book series, and all it needs are some custom illustrations to step it up to a more marketable position. I'd love to be involved. I love seeing the potential within a project and helping you reach it.

  • I'm not interested in cookie-cutter experiences or projects. If what you're passionate about can benefit from what I love to do… I think we’d be a great fit.